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Web Portfolio


I'm making themes for various projects, usually wiki engines. I have made a number of styles of Oddmuse, you can see them at Oddmuse Zen Garden. There are also some themes for MoinMoin wiki engine: Europython Mandarin, Gugiel, Modernized, MFact.

Examples of my styles

I used to style/theme web pages as a part time job, you can see a few of the websites that still use my styles below. Please note, that they are usually rather old and that I have removed many websites that no longer use my styles.

www-aag.png www-gay.png www-labs.png www-tss.png www-mbork.png www-undefine.png www-pso.png

Web applications

While I dabble with web applications all the time, those listed below have the status of "production ready".