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A roguelike game written for the Ludum Dare 48h contest. It's a fairly classical roguelike, but with animated graphics, something that I was trying to make (and failing) for some time.

This is an improved, post-compo version:

How to play

Walk around using the arrow keys. The monsters only move when you do. Press space to wait a turn. Hold down the ctrl key to rotate in place without spending a turn. Press enter to access your inventory.

Bump into monsters to attack them. Throw things into monsters by facing them when selecting the "throw" command. Equip weapons and amulets to increase your attack and defense. Apply the spells on yourself or throw them at the monsters. Find the ladder to the next level, and continue until you find and kill the boss. Remember to eat properly on the way – if you keep on dying of hunger, remember that you don't have to explore every level fully.


If it doesn't work for you, or it crashed, or something is clearly not right, please report it at the issue tracker, making sure to specify your platform (Windows, Linux), the version you are playing and the description of the problem. I will try to fix it if possible.

Release notes

Development version


Version 4.0

Released 2014-01-06

Version 3.0

Released 2014-01-01

Version 2.0

Released 2013-12-21

Version 1.0

Released 2013-12-16