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Fonts on Web Pages

Font embedding with CSS

Potential problems

Embedding fonts, Ye Olde Days

I have found this, pretty old, tutorial on embedding fonts into web pages. When I first saw it, I exclaimed "Great! Finally I'll be able to use non-standard font faces on my web pages. Goodbye Verdana, farewell Georgia, hasta la vista Times!". But then, after reading the actual tutorial, my optimism vanished. Not only you are supposed to prepare the fonts to be embedded in a special way, not only you need proprietary software to do it, this technique is only supported by some historical versions of web browsers – and I failed to find any mention of it in the modern ones. Not surprising, that the demo pages don't work too.

So I'm back to tweaking standard font faces with CSS. How pathetic. At least there are some Fonts on Web Pages that are pretty popular and widespread, so it's relatively safe to use them.